There are several different types of garage doors out there. Depending on your personal lifestyle or preferences you may prefer one over the other.

With all the different types of garage doors to choose from, we can imagine how overwhelming it can be to choose a garage door that fits your home. To make things simple, there are three main types of garage doors: sectional roll up, swing up and swing out.

Types of Garage Doors

Sectional Roll up – This is the most common and practical type of garage door. Sectional garage doors allow for the door to take up less space. You may consider this type of door if you don’t have much space in your garage.

Swing Up – also known as tilt up doors, are swing up garage doors are usually preferred with older homes because they match better with the old style. They are available in a variety of styles, colors and designs.

Swing Out – Swing out carriage type doors are not something we see all too often, but this may an option for studios or barns. Unfortunately these are not great options for areas with cold climate.

There are also different types of materials to choose from (but not limited to). Here are a few choices:

Wood – Wood garage doors have been around the longest and are the most commonly used by residents today. They are easily customized, allowing them to fit any size or shape garage. The most common reason people go with wooded garage doors is that they are able to withstand even extreme temperatures.

Steel – Steel garage doors may be the best choice for you if you do not want to undergo too much maintenance. The kinds of doors are strong and sturdy; it would take a lot for them to be broken down. They could easily handle very harsh weather conditions.
Types of Garage DoorsAluminum – Aluminum garage doors shares most of the characteristics as steel, but are much more light weight if you compare the two. In addition, they are easy to install and offer extreme durability. For those who are more budget friendly, you may want to go with the aluminum.

Vinyl – Vinyl garage doors are often referred to as “child proof” because they are incredibly hard to break or dent. Minor dents will also not be visible because of its material. One downside to vinyl doors is that you may be limited in options for colors and designs.

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