Keeping the garage door springs in good condition is very essential to ensure that the equipment work safely & reliably. However, a garage door’s individual cables, panels & tracks also require periodic attention but springs are the secret keys to save your money & hassle in the long run. Read below how preventive spring maintenance can assist you to keep the overhead door working like new.

Significance of Quality Garage Door Springs

The most essential step is to lubricate the pulleys, track & other parts after every few months. In fact, you can also replace the weather stripping & tighten loose nuts, bolts & screws. Since, lots of people suffer lacerations & pinches from faulty parts but at the same time there are several individuals who get injured when doors fall as a result of broken torsion springs. Therefore, make sure that regular maintenance service is done timely and the repair contractor provides safety inspection annually.

It is very important to replace your door springs time to time. Nonetheless, the better quality door spring an individual purchase the longer it will last. Do not forget that this is chief part that is used every day in the operation of the garage door. Anytime, a person requires opening or closing door, it is basically the spring that will be used. This stretches the hardened steel torsion spring mechanism of the door. Sooner it will develop stresses & get over used. Later it will break & need to be replaced. It’s one of the standard practices for individuals to replace both of the springs once one breaks.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

Now, you might be wondering that since there are so many garage door springs that are available in the market which one is the best that you should buy! Well, there are basically 2 kinds of springs:

  1. Torsion Springs – These kinds of springs are majorly used in the sectional garage doors. The torsion springs are basically placed above the door & run along the length of the ceiling. In fact, single door overhead doors usually have 1 torsion spring only, while double door overhead doors have 2 torsion springs. You would be surprised to know that the efficiency of these springs increases when they function on high tension level. Hence, it is very essential to handle them cautiously in order to avoid any fatal injury.
  2. Extension Springs – These kinds of springs are basically used in tilt-up doors for opening & closing mechanism. Surprisingly, these single piece doors move completely during their operation. Usually, wooden garages apply extension springs. Similar to sectional doors, they function under high tension. Hence, servicing them at home is not suggested. If an individual are facing trouble with extension springs, it is recommended to call professionals immediately.

Which Garage Door Spring Is Best?

Another troubling question that arises is that which is the best garage spring that one should use among them? Well, since extension springs are much cheaper hence they are often used in the residential construction projects. It is also essential to note, however, with more exposed parts, they’re also dangerous. Whereas, torsion springs are able to last longer and can support more weight. They deliver greater overall balance, making it easier to open & close garage door. They are little expensive but are safer to use.

Last but not the least, make sure you use right garage door spring and replace them whenever needed. for any garage door spring replacement Do not hesitate to contact us at: 877-255-1511