Prevent Garage Mold.

Garage mold growth is a fairly common problem homeowners have to deal with. Homes usually have good ventilation to help prevent mold growth, but garage space is slightly more prone to being exposed to mold. It doesn’t take much for mold to start forming – just some humidity and condensation. Driving your car into the garage after a rainy or snowy ride could lead to mold growth because your car is bringing water in. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent mold from growing in your garage.

Garage Door Mold

Prevent Mold Growth From Occurring in Your Garage

  • Look around and make sure there are no leaks coming from garage roof, pipes, etc. If there are, take action immediately.
  • Getting ventilation for your garage may be necessary. Make sure to not block any vents in your garage. Washers and dryers are commonly used in the garage, which create excess heat.
  • A professional may need to remove the drywall and replace with new materials to make sure that the mold problem has been stopped.
  • Air humidifiers – this won’t make the existing mold go away, but will definitely help with decreasing more mold from forming.

Risks Associated With Garage Mold.

Keep in mind that an overgrowth of mold could get pretty dangerous. Why is it that dangerous, you may ask? Well, it can result in serious safety concerns regarding your health; including migraines, asthma attacks, allergy reactions, etc. It is important to deal with mold growth in the garage as soon as possible, because leaving mold sitting can cause greater growth which will cause more and more harm with time.

If you see mold and you would like to get rid of it on your own you can do so by scrubbing the surface mold stains with a mixture of a quarter water and half cup of bleach. This will kill the mold. Do this until you see the mold disappearing. Do not rinse because the moisture will create even more mold!

As Mentioned ,to prevent any garage or home molds its always good to have safety inspection twice a year.To get rid of garage mold that is serious, your best bet would be to call a professional to come handle the problem.