Are you struggling with how to keep your garage door in good condition? There is a paradox when it comes to garage doors. Although we all want them to be in excellent condition, we hardly bother to take a second look and see if they need some maintenance. The truth is that garage door repair services should never be carried out by homeowners. And that’s not only for safety reasons, but also due to inexperience. If you don’t tune up the door right, you will just waste time and take risks for nothing. What you can do is keep your ears and eyes open and just inspect from a distance the movement of the door. You can also clean it up and run some tests to make sure it works right.

Garage doors remain in good condition only when their parts function right. And they function right only when they are not rusty, misaligned, or broken. Any obstacle in the way of the rollers will keep the door from going up or down. So you should gear up with gloves, safety glasses, and a broom and get started.

This is your checkpoint garage door maintenance list on how to keep your garage door in good condition:

  1. Observe and listen 

Let the overhead door go up and down and listen. Does it make weird sounds like never before? Does it go all the way up and down? In case you notice anything weird, write it down. Any garage door service work should only be done by a pro. After all, you wouldn’t know whether to correct the opener settings or adjust the springs and that’s the job for techs.

  1. Clean the tracks and floor

If the tracks are not free from debris, the door might pop off since the rollers will be obstructed. So clean the tracks but also the floor. Elements gathered around the door might activate the reverse system and the door won’t close.

  1. Test the door’s balance

The door must be balanced. If not, it won’t go up evenly. And that’s the job of the springs. So be extra careful when you run this test and always disconnect the opener first. Then pull the release rope to open the door and see if it stays put mid-way up. It’s alright if it bounces a bit. But if it slides down or is lifted up, call Dream Garage Door right away for spring adjustment.please check the following article for reconnecting the opener again.

  1. Test the reverse system

In order to check the safety features of your door, you have to run two tests. Check the sensors first by passing your hands under the closing door. It should reverse. Then use a board to see if the door stops upon contact. If any of the tests fails, call for emergency services.

  1. Check the condition of the parts

Take a look of all parts. Are any of them rusty? Rollers corrode over the years and so will the hinges. Check all parts but keep your distance and don’t touch them, especially the tensed springs & cables and their bottom brackets.

  1. Lubricate

You can also spray some lubricants on the moving parts, including the spring coils, the opener chain, and the pins of the door’s hinges.

If you discover anything unusual during the tune-up, get professional help.But keep in mind that checking the door and relying on professional repair services are the steps to how to keep your garage door in good condition. And that will ensure your safety.