How to Level an Unbalanced Garage Door

Do you have an unbalanced garage door that needs to be leveled? A garage door that isn’t leveled can cause big problems if not dealt with right away. Warning signs of unbalanced garage doors include 1) strange sounds 2) bent out of shape 3) difficult operation. Regardless of what is causing an unbalanced garage door, leaving it unbalanced can be very dangerous and are highly prone to accidents. If your garage door is balanced it will put a lot less strain on the parts and you will not need to repair it for another for several years. Nevertheless, garage door maintenance is highly recommended at least once a year. This will reduce chances of your garage door needing serious repair.

Disclaimer before we continue: Please keep in mind that this could be a very dangerous task. To ensure safety, you may want to contact the nearest garage door repair company to do it for you. Certified technicians have many years of experiencing dealing with unbalanced garage doors.Dream-Garage-Door-Balanced-400x268

Your first step should be to check which direction your garage door is off balance. Make sure your garage door is closed and is disconnected from the garage door opener. Now manually lift your garage door. The springs of the door should help it move smoothly despite its massive weight. The door should not slide back down. If there is movement, this means that your garage door is off balance. Utilize a ladder and unhook the springs on each side of your door. Then, close the door and check that the garage door comes down at the same level on both sides. If it is uneven, adjust both sides so that it is even.

Unless you’re a confident DIY installer, we do recommend letting certified technicians handle the repair!

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