Garage Door Spring Replacement Los Angeles

There is a reason why this page “garage door spring replacement Los Angeles” is important. All overhead garage doors operate through the use of specialized torsion springs. These springs form part of a framework that transfers force from the opening mechanism to the frame of the door. These springs are the cause of most peoples’ problems when it comes to garage door malfunction. Keeping them in excellent shape is a sure way to enjoy long-lasting use of your garage door. At Dream Garage Door & Gates, we employ time-tested experts in the repair and maintenance of garage door springs. Our staff know exactly which types of springs are best for each type of door thanks to their years of experience in Los Angeles CA and surrounding areas. They also know how to safely and accurately adjust those springs for the best results when repairing garage doors for our home and business clients. We only use high quality springs that are manufactured in the USA. When it comes to garage door spring replacement, there are a number of elements that technicians need to take into consideration. These include the number of spring cycles a single spring can withstand before it can no longer provide reliable service and whether corrosion is likely to set in over a certain amount of time. Find out more information about garage door spring types in this article.

What To Consider For Garage Door Spring Replacement

  • Spring Cycles — A spring endures a single cycle every time the garage door is opens or closes. Generic springs typically offer between 5000 – 10,000 cycles. But, the high-grade steel springs we use last between 25,000–50,000 cycles and benefit from a warranty.
  • Corrosion — Springs can corrode in certain climates, putting mechanisms at risk for sudden failure. Our springs are lubricated to prevent corrosion, offering superior resistance to damage caused by corrosion, erosion, and friction.

Springs are typically under incredible amounts of stress. Because of this, garage door spring replacement should be a job for the specialists. We recommend that property owners with malfunctioning garage door springs call our emergency service as soon as garage door spring problems are apparent. Do not attempt to force the garage door shut. Let Dream Garage Door & Gates in Los Angeles expert technicians address your needs today.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Los Angeles
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