How Important is a Garage Door Safety Inspection?

A garage door safety inspection is important. First of all, we inform all our customers about the importance of a garage door staying in optimal condition. The only way to do this is with our 25-point safety inspection. Our company decided a long time ago: Make sure that everyone is safe while using a garage door. This is our specialty and therefore we want to make sure that everyone benefits from our work. If there is any section of a residential home that needs a safety inspection, it is the garage door. We work with our partners in the fire protection industry to make sure that your home and family are safe. This article gives more information of how to inspect garage doors and what needs to be check.

Why Do I Need Garage Door Safety Inspection?

All garage doors that are mechanical could fail. Most of the time when a garage door fails, it will not open or close easily, if at all. Leaving the door this way could endanger residents or visitors. It could also cause additional damage, which can become costly. Rather, what you should do is call a technician. A safety inspection keeps your door working properly and as a result – safe. Don’t be the person who waits until something goes wrong. So if you are in need of safety inspection or even a garage door repair, contact us.

Garage Door Areas for Inspection

There are 25 main components of the garage door that we test during an inspection. Outside of the more important ones such as springs, rollers, cables, and pulleys, countless other parts ensure the smooth operation of your door. The inspection will check the condition of these parts and determine whether or not they are due for a repair. For example, if the technician had been called for garage door spring replacement but found that there was a problem with the center bearing, they would recommend an immediate repair. This prevents a future, more expensive repair in the future. However, we do not believe in pressuring our customers into buying unnecessary services. Our recommendations are for the purposes of accident prevention, saving you money, and safety only. Having routine maintenance and inspections performed on your door is the best way to diagnose current problems and prevent future ones before they happen. Contact us today. An inspection is included with every repair job.

Garage Door Safety Inspection