Garage Door Off Track Repair Los Angeles

Garage doors operate by sliding along tracks that guide the door to open and close. Over years of usage, the doors can gradually shift from an aligned position to an incorrect one. Resulting in the garage door off track, damaging the mechanism and putting anyone near the door in danger and might need garage door repair quick.

What to do when Garage Door Is Off Track.

When a garage door is off track, it needs to be immediately repaired. We are ready to perform this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only does an off track garage door represent a critical danger to anyone operating the door. It also leaves the property unsecured against intrusion. check our emergency garage door service page now.Our technicians quickly repair track problems using sophisticated tools and high quality replacement components.

A service call for this problem runs as follows:

  • Track Inspection — Our technicians perform a 25 point safety inspection, this includes the tracks of the garage door. This will determine the cause of the problem, so we can develop a solution for it.
  • Track Alignment — We combine professional equipment with years of experience aligning tracks for various models of garage door to safely and effectively re-align our customers’ door. If any components show damage, we replace them at this point.
  • Track Cleaning and Lubrication — We clean any debris that the door may be rolling through and also apply a high quality professional lubricant to the parts.
  • Adjustment and Inspection — We tighten insecure cables, strings or mechanisms, and ensure that they are kept in excellent working order.

Home and business owners that choose Dream Garage Door & Gate to repair their garage door tracks benefit not only from top-quality service. They also benefit from a comprehensive warranty. We guarantee that our work will result in years of excellent service. Make us your first choice when in need of comprehensive track repair solutions.

Garage Door Off Track Repair Los Angeles