Garage Door Maintenance

Home and business owners with garages in constant use need to have regular maintenance to guarantee reliable garage door function. Properly maintained doors work better. They also remain that way for much longer periods of time. Because of this, garage door maintenance the best way for property owners to save money and avoid urgent emergency garage door repairs. Regular inspections are one of the most valuable services Dream Garage Doors offers. Our garage door maintenance helps property owners across the country prevent garage door problems before they happen. Hence, our garage door maintenance team recommends yearly inspection and tuning. This applies for both commercial and residential property owners. Having your door and its parts receive yearly inspection guarantees it remains in proper working condition for as long as possible.

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A typical annual maintenance routine consists of:

  • Component Inspection — Our 25-point inspection the condition of a garage door’s parts. Individually testing tracks, springs, cables, rollers and external seals for damage and wear.
  • Balance Adjustment — An imbalanced door may cause problems if left broken. In addition, our team makes sure that the weight of your door is evenly distributed. This makes sure that the doors’ springs remain in good condition.
  • Lubrication and Tightening — Annual track lubrication is a good solution for a garage door off track. Tightening of bolts, screws, springs and rollers also keeps the door working smoothly.
  • Opener and Safety Adjustment — Our specialists will test the door opener and its safety mechanism. Adjusting these  guarantees safety and reliable function.

As with any mechanical device, maintenance is the most budget friendly way to keep a garage door working for years at a time. Dream Garage Door provides the tuning and maintenance services that save our customers money. We do this by fixing the issues before they become emergencies.

Garage Door Maintenance