Upgrading your entry and garage doors to ENERGY STAR® qualified energy efficient garage doors can help you save big this fall. Not only will you benefit from the tax savings of up to 10% of the product cost, you will also cut heating and cooling costs in half. If you are not sure whether to simply repair your doors or install a replacement, here are some handy hints to help you decide.

How to Tell If You Need Door Repair
Check the weather stripping on every side of the door. Stand inside your home just next to the door. If there is light coming through the door perimeter and the weather stripping is worn, it means moisture and drafts can also get in. Replacing the weather stripping is highly recommended.

On hot and cold days, touch your door from the inside. If the interior surface of the door is the same temperature as the exterior, it means your door is not well-insulated. Consider upgrading to an ENERGY STAR®qualified option.
If your door sticks on humid days, it is very likely it leaks on dry days. The best solution is to install a fiberglass door. This model not only prevents swelling, but can improve energy efficiency and add to your home’s comfort too.
Fiberglass doors are a low-maintenance alternative to wood designs and can resist damage caused by weather conditions. Some fiberglass doors come with a smooth surface that are easy to paint and other models a wood grain finish for staining.

Fiberglass door options include:
• Cherry fiberglass detail
• Mahogany fiberglass detail
• Oak fiberglass detail

You can request Low-E coating on glass, tripled paned glass or sidelites for privacy or decorative purposes.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dream Garage Door & Gate. We will be more than happy to assist you!

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