Garage Storage Solutions

Your garage is a wonderfully spacious storage facility. You can keep all the belongings you have no space for in the home with our recommended garage storage solutions. With garages, finding storage space is not an issue. It is keeping the space organized that frustrates homeowners. Luckily, these useful easy garage storage solutions can help make it cleaner and easier to manage.

1) Section the Space
Putting items all over the garage might not be a problem at first if it still looks neat. Trying to find one item in a packed garage, on the other hand, can be challenging. An easy solution is to create different sections for types of items. You can have a section for fitness equipment, another for seasonal items and so on. That way, your garage stays clean and accessible.

2) Sort Your Items
Not everything in the garage belongs there. You may have items that should be in other rooms but are left in the garage on your way into the home. Take time to sort your items and assign them to appropriate rooms or outdoors. This will help create more space for those things that actually belong inside the garage.Garage Storage Solutions

3) Use Storage Bins
Using storage bins can organize the space and make it easier to find specific items. You can label them so you know what is stored inside each one for faster access. They are also major space savers because you can stack them on top of each other.
First, separate all items and group them into batches that go together. Place them in storage bins, and make labels with duct tape and a permanent marker. Stack them up neatly and you’re sorted.

4) Get Shelves
For a cleaner, neater look, consider installing shelves in the garage. Not only do they tidy up the place, but also free up a lot of floor space. If you have experience building shelves, you make them yourself. Just make sure they are strong enough to hold heavy items. Check to see if they are sturdy so they don’t buckle and injure you or your loved ones.

Organizing your garage is worth the time and effort. It will help you make the most of your storage space and make room for more items that need to be safely tucked away.

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