Keep Your Garage Door in Good Condition

How To Keep Your Garage Door In Good Condition

Tips on How Keep Your Garage Door in Good Condition!

Are you struggling with how to keep your garage door in good condition? There is a paradox when it comes to garage doors. Although we all want them to be in excellent condition, we hardly bother to take a second look and see if they need some maintenance. The truth is that garage door repair services should never be carried out by homeowners. And that’s not only for safety reasons, but also due to inexperience. If you don’t tune up the door right, you will just waste time and take risks for nothing. What you can do is keep your ears and eyes open and just inspect from a distance the movement of the door. You can also clean it up and run some tests to make sure it works right.

Garage doors remain in good condition only when their parts function right. And they function right only when they are not rusty, misaligned, or broken. Any obstacle in the way of the rollers will keep the door from going up or down. So you should gear up with gloves, safety glasses, and a broom and get started.

This is your checkpoint garage door maintenance list on how to keep your garage door in good condition:

  1. Observe and listen 

Let the overhead door go up and down and listen. Does it make weird sounds like never before? Does it go all the way up and down? In case you notice anything weird, write it down. Any garage door repair work should only be done by a pro. After all, you wouldn’t know whether to correct the opener settings or adjust the springs and that’s the job for techs.

  1. Clean the tracks and floor

If the tracks are not free from debris, the door might pop off since the rollers will be obstructed. So clean the tracks but also the floor. Elements gathered around the door might activate the reverse system and the door won’t close.

  1. Test the door’s balance

The door must be balanced. If not, it won’t go up evenly. And that’s the job of the springs. So be extra careful when you run this test and always disconnect the opener first. Then pull the release rope to open the door and see if it stays put mid-way up. It’s alright if it bounces a bit. But if it slides down or is lifted up, call Dream Garage Door right away for spring adjustment.

  1. Test the reverse system

In order to check the safety features of your door, you have to run two tests. Check the sensors first by passing your hands under the closing door. It should reverse. Then use a board to see if the door stops upon contact. If any of the tests fails, call for emergency garage door repair.

  1. Check the condition of the parts

Take a look of all parts. Are any of them rusty? Rollers corrode over the years and so will the hinges. Check all parts but keep your distance and don’t touch them, especially the tensed springs & cables and their bottom brackets.

  1. Lubricate

You can also spray some lubricants on the moving parts, including the spring coils, the opener chain, and the pins of the door’s hinges.

If you discover anything unusual during the tune-up, get professional help. Garage door repair services are not easy tasks and might entail risks. But keep in mind that checking the door and relying on professional repair services are the steps to how to keep your garage door in good condition. And that will ensure your safety.

Facts About Quality Garage Door Springs

Keeping the garage door springs in good condition is very essential to ensure that the equipment work safely & reliably. However, a garage door’s individual cables, panels & tracks also require periodic attention but springs are the secret keys to save your money & hassle in the long run. Read below how preventive spring maintenance can assist you to keep the overhead door working like new.

Significance of Quality Garage Door Springs

The most essential step is to lubricate the pulleys, track & other parts after every few months. In fact, you can also replace the weather stripping & tighten loose nuts, bolts & screws. Since, lots of people suffer lacerations & pinches from faulty parts but at the same time there are several individuals who get injured when doors fall as a result of broken torsion springs. Therefore, make sure that regular maintenance service is done timely and the repair contractor provides safety inspection annually.

It is very important to replace your door springs time to time. Nonetheless, the better quality door spring an individual purchase the longer it will last. Do not forget that this is chief part that is used every day in the operation of the garage door. Anytime, a person requires opening or closing door, it is basically the spring that will be used. This stretches the hardened steel torsion spring mechanism of the door. Sooner it will develop stresses & get over used. Later it will break & need to be replaced. It’s one of the standard practices for individuals to replace both of the springs once one breaks.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

Now, you might be wondering that since there are so many garage door springs that are available in the market which one is the best that you should buy! Well, there are basically 2 kinds of springs:

  1. Torsion Springs – These kinds of springs are majorly used in the sectional garage doors. The torsion springs are basically placed above the door & run along the length of the ceiling. In fact, single door overhead doors usually have 1 torsion spring only, while double door overhead doors have 2 torsion springs. You would be surprised to know that the efficiency of these springs increases when they function on high tension level. Hence, it is very essential to handle them cautiously in order to avoid any fatal injury.
  2. Extension Springs – These kinds of springs are basically used in tilt-up doors for opening & closing mechanism. Surprisingly, these single piece doors move completely during their operation. Usually, wooden garages apply extension springs. Similar to sectional doors, they function under high tension. Hence, servicing them at home is not suggested. If an individual are facing trouble with extension springs, it is recommended to call professionals immediately.

Which Garage Door Spring Is Best?

Another troubling question that arises is that which is the best garage spring that one should use amongst them? Well, since extension springs are much cheaper hence they are often used in the residential construction projects. It is also essential to note, however, with more exposed parts, they’re also dangerous. Whereas, torsion springs are able to last longer and can support more weight. They deliver greater overall balance, making it easier to open & close garage door. They are little expensive but are safer to use.

Last but not the least, make sure you use right garage door spring and replace them whenever needed. Do not forget how essential they are for your garage doors.

The Benefits of a Garage Makeover

A cluttered garage can produce a lot of stress with all of the space it takes up, so going through a garage remodeling every once in a while can bring peace of mind, positive energy and even a higher property value.

There are a lot of ways to give your garage a transformation. To help with decluttering, you can install cabinets around the walls which allow more space for your vehicles. You can also just make your garage feel newer by adding a fresh coat of paint, resurfacing the floor, or hanging drywall.Makeover-min

One of the biggest benefits of remodeling your garage is the value it can add to your house. The garage doesn’t even need to stay a garage- it can be converted into an office or a home gym. Custom cabinets with all kinds of designs available can add to the attractiveness of your garage while efficiently tucking things out of sight.

Plus, when you declutter your garage and make it into a space that fits your needs, it does something to your mental psyche. You may start to feel more relaxed and want to spend more time in there. Clutter creates stress, and when you remove that barrier, your mental state is more at ease. Going through a garage remodel adds value to your property and creates a place where you want to hang out in more often.

A garage specialist can help you design your garage space to fit your needs, declutter and provide organization and storage answers. Remove the stress of having a cluttered garage by recreating it into a relaxing space.