Do You Have An Aging Front Door?
1. Does opening and closing your door every day feel like a full-body workout?
2. Is the glass in the door foggy all year round?
3. Does your door have rust and dents that make it look a little ragged?
4. Do you have to stuff a towel under your door to keep freezing air out?
5. Is rot and damage from water and insects starting to show?
6. Are there cracks in your door that keep widening so much you can almost see outside?
7. Is the exterior of your home starting to look a lot older than it is?

Aging Garage Door-minAging Front Door

If the above scenarios sound familiar, your front door may be past its prime. Aging doors, particularly those with little to no insulation, can cause energy loss of up to 20%.

Cracked and warped exterior doors, worn weather stripping and gaps can drive up heating and cooling costs. To put it in perspective, a gap one eighth of an inch on your door is just as bad as a six inch-square hole. Stop paying for energy you don’t use and switch to energy efficient doors. According to the Department of Energy, upgrading to “green” doors like ENERGY STAR® qualified models can cut your heating and cooling costs by 15-20% a month. Doors with a dense polyurethane foam core can help cut your energy bills in half. You can also add triple glazed glass for improved insulation that will cool your home in the summer and keep the interior warm in winter.

Q-ion weather stripping can keep air, moisture and dirt out by providing a tight seal along the sides and top of your front door. You can toss away the towel and replace it with a composite seal that fits perfectly at the bottom of the door to prevent water and air infiltration, and rot.You can go for the double bulb sweep that features four fins for extra protection against air and water. Moisture-resistant window frames are also good options and feature a durable design that prevents doors from shrinking, expanding, shifting, warping, sagging and twisting when the weather changes.

If an aging front door is costing you more to keep than replace, upgrade with energy efficient designs and accessories to reduce monthly energy bills, protect your interior against the elements and enhance the comfort of your home.

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